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September 4, 2012
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Marauder Shields 33: Reborn (Mass Effect) by koobismo Marauder Shields 33: Reborn (Mass Effect) by koobismo
The 33rd Episode of the "Marauder Shields" Mass Effect comic.

In this one... The mystery of what's lurking underneath London is finally revealed!

Be sure to play this track in the background to upgrade your reading experience: [link]

This is an ongoing story providing an alternative fan-made ending to the Mass Effect trilogy, with a single game-changing maverick transforming the course of history: Marauder Shields. Be sure to start reading at episode 6.

Thanks to MichelKobayashi for making us believe in Marauder Shields and to my awesome team, including AdoreeLyssa, our pro editor and the valiant AssaultSloth, who not only was there to bounce some ideas of, but also prepared the 3d model of the Thorian tentacle used throughout this comic!

Hope is Alive!

[The Mass Effect universe, its design and characters are owned by BioWare/EA Productions. This is a work of parody and fan-fiction, created under the terms of fair use. Special thanks to BioWare for creating the world we all love and care for! I remain a huge ME & BW fan!]

P.S. The next episode might be late a few days, not yet sure - I will know more on Friday. I will, however, be catching up on some on our comments and discussions since tomorrow - I have been immensely focused on this episode until now. :)

P.S.2. If you're not following me yet, do so at [link] - I sometimes tell you true stuff about life and owning a dachshund.

P.S.3. Help me spread this series around - retweet, send out links, share this with your friends and post it on your facebook wall! Everything helps!

P.S.4. There are more big reveals ahead of us! Be prepared. ;) And be sure to discuss your thoughts on what's happening with Cerberus and our whole plot underneath, in the comments section!
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SpartasMaximus Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
THE DAMN THORIAN.... bioware I hate u!!!!
CrulLovetroy Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
this totally deserves much more comments!! :)
tarekshamas Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
yes Leviathan needs to be 'in" some how :P
TheWonderingSword Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012   Writer
Which reminds me, I gotta get started on my massive Leviathan re-write. :D
marthinus1990 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
Soo..London was the Reapers' focus due to the thorian? Or rather a thorian,since I'm pretty sure my Shep killed one on Feros?

P.S-Best series of all time!
DoctorCaligula Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
Interesting twist, but will the Leviathans be showing up at any point?
koobismo Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
I've penned down the scenario for "Marauder Shields" right after finishing Mass Effect 3, way before the Leviathan DLC was out. After playing the DLC (which I found fun and enjoyable, overally) I've decided that the backstory presented there wasn't good enough to force the Leviathans into "MS", especially that they would become the same thing they became in ME3 - a gamechanger than never really changed the game, which I think works badly.

You can check out my thoughts on the DLC and its story here (and be sure to read some of the comments - there are quite a few valuable thoughts on it from our lil' community :)): [link] - as well as how I want to treat it (in short: release a "comic patch" for the DLC to make it compatible with "MS", but not allow it to change anything of value of what I penned down back in March). ;)
Andrijakos Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
I agree with Your points on Leviathan. My main complaint with the DLC was that what we found underwater was not a rogue reaper like the announcements said. That would have been a good plot twist. As I see it, reapers are created from biological materials of an entire race, and should have at least some trace remnants of the races from which they originated. So every reaper would be an individual. Having one that disagreed with the reaper agenda would imply that they had freedom of will, and that would make them much more interesting and powerful antagonists. Take an ancient, nearly omnipotent space faring group of beings/machines that WANT to annihilate you because of their reasons (whatever these reasons would be) vs an ancient, nearly omnipotent space faring group of vacuum cleaners programmed to clean up the Milky way galaxy every 50,000 years. Essentially iReaper Roombas. (Infringing on two copyrighted terms, but I like it. To me it fits perfectly to the ME3 official ending). To me it was another Deus ex machina that essentially solved nothing.

My advice to You would be to forget the patch completely. Firstly, because You envisioned how Your story would go before You even played Leviathan. I would hate if something interfered with Your "artistic integrity". What when they release Take back Omega? You would have to change a bunch of comics containing Aria, the entire citadel plot would be compromised. And I think a lot of people like it the way it is, I know that I do. But the most important reason is a selfish one. Making patches and trying to fit the DLC into the MS storyline will take time away from the original MS storyline. And you having a modicum of a life as it is, coupled with the day having only 24 hours and the idiotic need to sleep that human beings have, makes updates slower than I would like.
Ideally: one fully voiced comic per day.
DoctorCaligula Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
Forgot to add:

With BOTH Leviathan and Star Child, the conversations where they explain the creation of the Reapers were pretty much entirely in Shepard's head, with nobody else to witness them. Some food for thought.
DoctorCaligula Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
Have they confirmed "Take Back Omega" DLC? It always seemed like rumors and speculation.

Though not required, Leviathan and Javik are too important to be ignored, Javik because he reveals what the Protheans are really like, and Leviathan is the real mastermind behind the rachni wars, and an indication that control of the Reapers is possible. Plus, husks duking it out with each other, that's an image that's just too good to pass up.

For my money, I just want Harbinger to talk, and for him to have more than just a measly 30 seconds of screen time. The BW writers could've easily given him a quick appearance in the opening battle in Vancouver, they had no business NOT doing it.
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