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August 25, 2012
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This is the 20th Chapter of the Marauder Shields Audiobook, based on the 20th Episode of the Marauder Shields Comic ("Seeing is Believing"), available here: [link]

Story / Lead: Koobismo
Audio Producer: JeffDaniel
Editor: AdoreeLyssa
Codex Narrator: Matt "Calavera" O'Connor
Garrus: StephanosRex
Liara: Minty
Tali: Nokyo-Chan
Background Music: Derek Palmer
Codex Track: Kaneda

[The Mass Effect universe, its design and characters are owned by BioWare/EA Productions. This is a work of parody and fan-fiction, created under the terms of fair use.]

P.S. Another audiobook chapter with fully licensed music! :) I'll look into the possibility of getting you the music without the text as well, but I'm unsure how that works with our license - need to ask around.

P.S.2. If you'd like to chip in and help us out with music costs, thus becoming a team member ("supporter" status ;)) - be sure to let us know with a DA note or e-mail.

P.S.3. We're also looking for Adobe After Effects specialists - if you have what it takes to join us in making this series even more epic than it already is, be sure to contact us ASAP!
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RamenWarrior Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Surprisingly, I feel the Garrus actor is actually sounding too sarcastic. He's missing some of Garrus' other emotions, but he more or less has the voice impression down. I feel the team all talk a little too softly and calmly, especially considering their situation. Don't be afraid to yell!

Ok, critic moment over! You've assembled a talented team! I'm still impressed by your turian voice filter! I always look forward to these! :)
DneSaeed Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012
Acting for Liara could be better. Im just not hearing Liara from her but I guess it really is a difficult task.

Tali's actor is quite could...slips up a few places but is good overall and sounds the most like the character being portrayed.

The one for Garrus is quite good.

Codex actor is as always great.
julification Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
Great job Koobismo's team, as always! Your Marauder Shields and Shiniez' comic is what keeps me getting back to deviantart every week to enjoy my weekly dose of art :D
Bombeletta Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
Love it Honey :*
Symphonic-Silence Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
God, Liara and Tali are absolutely amazing with their voice acting - especially Tali. Nokyo-Chan was definitely a great find. Garrus/StephanosRex is doing great and has improved a lot - he just needs to work on the sort-of teasing and sarcastic lilt that Garrus can have in his voice at times. I am extremely impressed with this and, I don't know how you found your voice actors, but they deserve tons of credit for how wonderful they are. Your comics were already fantastic but this brings it to the next level.
BlueDemonX Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
Agree with this. Although this canīt top the drunken-Tali-talk :D
Symphonic-Silence Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
Nothing can beat emergency induction ports.
trucydoll Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
Wow, this was great as always - great work by the audio team and the VA's as usual. MAJOR props to StephanosRex though, suddenly I can really hear Garrus's drawl. :D
norad2terran Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
I agree that the Voice Actors did an AMAZING job! As everyone else has said, StephanosRex's role as Garrus has improved incredibly. Nokyo-Chan is maintaining a consistent level of awesome, and Minty's rendition of Liara is, quite frankly, unreal. I was going to make an additional comment about their dialogue missing a little something, like a few of the others said, but then I listened to it a second time and decided, "Nope, it's great just the way it is." Keep up the good work.
jeffdaniel Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
Keep the comments coming! We are listening, and taking every suggestion seriously. . . unless that suggestion is from a troll. I have don't have time to care about trolls. ;)
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