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March 8, 2013


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The Citadel DLC is widely considered to be the best piece of DLC of the entire Mass Effect trilogy (yes, it's actually better reviewed than ME2's Lair of the Shadow Broker). Forbes Games called it "The Perfect Goodbye", io9 said that it "Gives Commander Shepard a Glorious Send-Off". And what does yours truly think?

Well, it's never easy with me, is it now? ;)

I present to you my lengthy review of the Citadel DLC, listing and explaining the reasons why it just didn't click for me, why it didn't work as well as it did for most of you guys, statistics be damned. Please be aware that this is but my opinion, nothing more, nothing less - no need to start flame wars because of it.

Read my review (and join the discussion) here:…


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Mandulis Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
I like to pretend this DLC takes place AFTER the Reaper War. Celebrating and stuff before going on a clean-up mission to take care of spare reaper forces hanging around. 

Anyway, the guys at Bioware decided that the fans knew better than them, and it shows. Never before had I seen so much fanservice. It was glorious. Calibrations, Grunt, Wrex, Samara romance-able, sassy dialogues all the way, feels thrown out of the airlock! To me, it was the best DLC of the goddamn trilogy. 
randommuthafu Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
I couldn't like it either, bought it anyways dammit.
ilikeshinyobjects Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ARGH I'm still going to play it

Winter-moot Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013
Having one last moment with all of the squadmates was good.
Sakara-Siluria Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013
I enjoyed it for the time my Shep had with various characters that were not given enough time with in the game. The humour was brilliant, i even enjoyed the action part as it was so utterly tongue in cheek. wasnt the awesome send off that people keep was fan service with many fan in jokes. It wasnt the answer to the big question - what happened when the Reapers went to take the Citadel ( Would have to be have been some indoctrinated people inside the Citadel that allowed the place to stay open and not close, plus how did they move the thing to Earth when it has no obvious engines of any kind. What happened to the thousands of refugees on top of all the people who lived on the mention of them by any of the crew - Ashley's Sister for example.
Chrispynutt Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013
I probably wouldn't have gone back to Mass Effect 3 if it wasn't for you. Played Leviathan at the weekend and enjoyed it.

Listening to the soundtrack to ME1 reminds me of how distinctive it was. The ME2 and ME3 are nice, but you can tell where you are in ME1, the others could be virtually anywhere and that is a shame.

I really like the whole series overall, then ending of 3 was rubbish, but you are fixing that. Each game had its flaws, but the rest was amazing.

So thanks Koobismo, you are a legend.
AzuleneAroma Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Professional General Artist
read your review and while I agree that it didn't solve the problem of the ending (and was thus a bit of a cop out) I really did need the laugh. You're right -its is an easy exit, but too be honest, BW did meet us about halfway with the extended cut to 'fix' the ending, which is more than I thought they would do. With this DLC I was entertained... you know 'shaken not stirred'. I'll leave it at that...
cbutz Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
The DLC should have been post-ending...OR take the first 2 gig , the mission part, and dedicate it towards fixing the ending..take the next two and dedicate to an epilogue. Maybe have a reunion/celebration party...but don't make it so lighthearted and corny as the party was in the official dlc. But that would make to many people satisfied.
Night-eco Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
While I find the DLC over the top, i know that this was intentional. I think its the developer's final way of apologizing to fans for that royal shitstorm that was the ending, and the fact that not everyone was entirely happy with their 'solution'.(I quite liked the extended cut, though i'm still disappointed that we didn't get proper, diverse, and unique endings. eh. can't win for losing I suppose).

But the over the top nature of the Citadel DLC.. It was a fresh breath of air. I thoroughly enjoyed the game completely making fun of itself for the entirety of its gameplay, with such hilarious conversations as "I should go", or Garrus' reply of him apparently saying 'calibrating more than any Turian should'. EDI's further adventures into being human, Wrex' and Vega's almost brotherly banter, Liara's silly nature that reminded me of her nervous youth from Mass effect 1.....

I'll miss you Shepard. We had a good run, and you've done more for this galaxy than anyone ever will.. you deserve a rest. :)
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