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June 14, 2012


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[Edit: Episode 25 is already up, here:… - be sure to check it out!]

As those of you who read the descriptions underneath my comics know, I've been swamped at work lately - horrible crunch time, with little sleep and basically no free time at all, which really hit my publishing schedule hard (seriously, if you can't live off a gallon of coffee and four hours of sleep a day, don't go into game development). We're 2 episodes behind currently, with some incredibly epic stuff lingering on the horizon... Alas, hope is here. Episode 25 will be published tomorrow - on Friday 15th. If the initial reactions of my own personal Mr. Spock (a.k.a. Jeff, our audio producer) are to be believed, this may be the best episode yet, or at least one of the best. Our incredible Miranda (Nat) agrees... And I'm just too tired to form a decent opinion at this point, so I'll just nod and stare blankly on my keyboard for a while.

Once episode 25 is published I'll start preparing for the next one as soon as possible, to get back on the horse and start gaining up on our schedule. I'll also make an effort to get a new journal entry here every week (starting with a special "frequently asked questions" piece a few days from now), to get you informed on everything that's happening in the Marauder Shields world... And that's a lot. From the first interview ever and more official words of support from BioWare and the original ME cast (I love you, guys!), to Comic Con plans and getting new incredible talent on board... It's been a brilliant three weeks.

On a side note, while I'm writing this, the comics have been viewed 981,074 times already. Which means that we're nearing a big event for this series, a MILLION VIEWS. The crew is already preparing something fun to celebrate, as a big thank you to all you beautiful people reading, listening and paying attention to this series... We'll say a bit more once the 1.000.000 viewer gets his butt up in here. ;)

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for all your support, and comments, and suggestions, and passion, and being awesome. Thank you for being there for Shepard, for caring for Mass Effect, for holding the line with Kirrahe and keeping Nihlus alive.

Keelah Se'lai.
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Well, congratulations on having a few thousand people view each of your comics about twenty times?

So, out of curiosity, how do you feel about BioWare taking into consideration the thousands of people who liked the ending with the Extended Cut? Are you upset that doing so means that the minority of people who disliked the ending won't get everything they want to get?

Oh, and care to provide a source for these "words of support" from BioWare?
That is the funniest thing I've heard all day. . . thanks! I needed that.

(not a fake account)

P.S. 20 x 1000 = 1,000,000 haha. . . Love the math! lol
On 23rd of June 2012 AD, MobiusStripWalker decided to finally share his legendary views on Koobismo's worthless Mass Effect comic with the rest of the world. "We need to cover this!" yelled out that one “Times” editor that doesn't exist, "this will be huge!" The world held its breath as if someone just passed a groundbreaking amount of long-withheld taco-induced gas.

Devilishly scheming - as he always was - MobiusStripWalker created a new DeviantArt account, laughing in the face of obsolete terms such as "credibility" or "meaningfulness", fully aware that all he needs to do is to pour his thoughts – worth their weight in gold, nonetheless! – into a single comment to turn the tide of wretchedness, to swing his shiny sword of +3 Distrust, +5 Stupidquestiongness.

He prepped his fingers, his face tense with righteousness, his forehead sprayed with little drops of decency – there he was, standing upon the hill, the hordes of the unworthy Retake minorities underneath, spewing their usual nonsense. He jumped. He flew. He swung his sword... He posted.

Bouncing back to his entrenched positions, he laid low... He waited. And waited some more... Did, did they...? Was it even possible?! They DIDN’T CARE, the foolish fools! Nincompoops ever drowning in the abyss of ignorance and absolute tomfoolery! The views kept creeping up, minute after minute, obviously a deed of the same three slaves refreshing their multiple browsers over and over again!

How did this happen? Were his numbers incorrect? He recounted them quickly, his toes and fingers used as a natural abacus... A few thousand people, multiplied by 20 gives a million views, obviously! At least in MobiusStripWalker’s version of math... And why would anyone care for any other? The numbers were his servants, adjutants at best, obliged to follow his every whim, shaped by his prodigious mind alone. If he said it was so, so it must have been.

He read through his own comment, again, and again, and again. He smiled every time, the sharp blade of his Holy Sarcasm glistening in the sun of his eyes. But, what is... Suddenly, he understood.

Koobismo tricked him, the crooked witch! How could he demand sources for the perceptibly bogus quotes, if they were all already publicly available, on twitter, on facebook, on BSN?! Treachery! The damn Koobismo – Ptui! Flegm of Fairness in his general direction! – refused to put any private quotes onto his nauseating poster, as building up his ego as they could be, sticking only to the official and open channels. What a bawdy ill-nurtured harpy!

Oh, evil be thou Lady Fate, foul indeed! In his outrage, the just MobiusStripWalker did not see even a larger obstacle rising on the horizon – cameos by splendid BioWare employees soon to be published in the Marauder - Ptui! Flegm of Reasonableness all over you! - Shields audiobooks. The sun went out, the night arrived and with it – even worse news from the battlefield. The scoundrel of scoundrels, Koobismo the Orguillus Paltonier, has declared that his bile series welcomes both Retakers and fans of the original ending! What a lumpish, hedge-born trickster!

MobiusStripWalker fell to his knees. His body was whole, but his heart... Slain. He knew that another day would arise soon. He will get a shinier armor, he will polish his sword with even more Flegm. This wasn’t a defeat. All in all, in the end all he did was wasting 5 minutes of his life.


A quick note to everyone: if you insult me by suggesting I’m a dirty liar, be prepared to read a response in a third-person perspective, as I will not open my mouth or my keyboard directly at you. Now, be gone foul soul. Go and take your mindfarts elsewhere, or learn to respect others by saying "scuze me" if farting in their presence.
Another reason why the illiterate should never start a debate with a master of language and story telling.
Oh, come on, a ninth grader could take care of that guy.
I have no words for this. Just love.
Mucho love in return. ;)
Reading it now. So cool.
Glad you liked it. :)
Get some sleep and take as much time as you need - don't want you burning out before the end!
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