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May 11, 2012
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This has been a wild, wild week for me. Never before have I juggled so many things at one time, between work, private life and the stuff I will write about in a second. First things first, let me get the single most anticipated question out of the way, so as not to keep you in further suspense - the next episode of "Marauder Shields" will be up on Wednesday, 16th of May, which basically means that I am skipping a single episode this week. Believe me, the decision didn't come easy, but it was either that or turning in a half-done, cut-up episode, which wouldn't do Zaeed any justice, nor would it present Emily Wong's legacy in the light it deserves. But let's not get even further into spoilerish territory right now.

For the past week I've been busy like a bee, flying around frantically, organizing bits of stuff I know extremely well and large pockets of stuff I've never even touched before... But knowing that it will be worth it in the end. Allow me to wear my Renegade face for the rest of this journal entry, sprinkled with a bit of over-the-topness, as the Paragon shades I usually wear wouldn't allow me to express what I want to express...


First of all, I am no longer alone. I am now surrounded with the brightest, the toughest, the deadliest allies I could find. The team is strong, their resolve unquestionable – and I am damn proud to be able to call them my crew. Our goal is to develop one of the... Y'know what, screw soft talk, I'm clicking the renegade interrupt: We ARE going to develop THE most complete, satisfying and professional fan fiction ever seen by man, definitely transcending not only the meaning of "fan fiction", but also its own medium. My comic series will remain the same – written and developed by me alone – but from now on I will be creating it with the backup of a whole squad of awesome people... And this story won't just be about comics anymore.

You see, we are assembling a full voiceover cast. Yup, you read that correctly. Full. Voiceover. Cast. Which means that each and every of the episodes you've already read and each and every of the episodes that are still coming will be transformed at one point into an audio file as well, with the final product being a complete, single audiobook, filled with lore corrections, action and codex entries. And when I say "full voice over"? I mean it. From Wrex to Miranda, from Tali to Garrus, from Bailey to Liara, from The Illusive Man to Adam Solheim, you will hear them talk, whisper, shout, scream, cry, live and die, and you will believe in what you'll be hearing. We will deliver... Oh, and those few characters I've just listed?

Already cast and sounding GODDAMN UNBELIEVABLE.

And the best thing about it all? You can grab your rifle, check your amps and be a part of it as well. We are recruiting additional voice talent, webdesigners, artists, musicians, composers, After Effects specialists, multimedia people... We want to push forward, look for new mediums and make this little story into the truly alternative ending that Mass Effect deserves (some may enjoy it, others may want to stick to the original canon - but the alternative will be there if you want to reach for it). Some things are still in the idea workshop, but let me just say that words like "motion" and "interactive" are being tossed around in increasing frequency.

Even if you're not able to help us out in one of the fields mentioned above, you can still play an important role. Share the links, gather new readers, follow me on twitter and retweet whenever you can. For the first time since this series was conceived, support is not just welcome, it's needed. Let the gaming world know that Mass Effect fans – "unproductive whiners" for some (hi there, certain IGN writer) – heard that they have to cope with their beloved series ending like it did whether they liked it or not... And then dismissed the flying frack out of that claim.

I hope you'll stick around. I hope you'll feel about this as I do now - because I can feel something tingling and if I wouldn't go further with all of this, it would just eat me up inside.

Please welcome JeffDaniel, AdoreeLyssa, Bombeletta, Calavera, StephanosRex, Nat the Loftarse, Nokyo-chan, Anaxilea, Ms Wendy, Kaneda, Darren, Infinite Power, DXOFTX, Krystaj and Omahdon. These are my Awesomists. This is my Normandy.

And to play me out, while I finally go to rest my gingerish head upon a pillow after a frantic 27-hour day...

"Normandy" by the brilliant Miracle of Sound:…

"We've been breaking ground
We fought for the weak and the lost
They won't break us down
We'll hold the line, whatever the cost"

P.S. These were mashed up pretty quickly, so they're not exactly of the highest quality, but... Here, celebrate with a "Marauder Shields" wallpaper.…

P.S.2. Send all demos and offers of help to - we'll be waiting... but don't take too long, as things are seriously in motion. ;)

P.S.3. In case anyone has any idiotic doubts: I remain a true and true Mass Effect and BioWare fan... I just want my Mass Effect experience to end on a different note.


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CalypsoTea Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If you're still in need of actors, I'm willing to lend my voice to the project. I'm not sure if I can impersonate anyone from the game (I've never tried to), but I can send you some general vocal samples and see if anything clicks. Just let me know the best way to go about auditioning. ^_^
"Hold the Line, Hold the Line
Paragons, Renagades,
my brothers and sisters
I see in your eyes, the same despair that
would take the heart of me
A day may come,
when the story of Mass Effect fails
When we forsake our Fellow Retakers
and lose all hope
But not today
An hour of Reapers, and shattered ships
when the age of Gamers comes crashing down
But not today
Today We Fight!
By all that you hold dear, in Mass Effect
I tell you stand
Shepards of Retake!"
Nice I like it Very inspiring :)
Oh my word this sounds incredibly amazing! Props to you and everyone working this project. Is what is in your gallery the only audiobooks you have done so far or are there more? Sorry I have just stumbled onto this lol.
ilikeshinyobjects May 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there a script to read for auditions? I want to try out for femShep! :la:
This sounds exciting. Wish I knew how to help, cause I wish to voice act.
BeatCrusherX2X May 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Say the word and I'm with you 100%. Voice acting, even if it's just as a minor character, would be my preferred method of support, but I could provide arrangement and composition work, as well.

Holding the line.
MegHalTow May 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm seriously interested in this. Do you have to be in any particular area to do this, or can it be from all over?

I'm interested in doing some voice for ya, if you need it. :)
Ah-mazing!!! Though I doubt I have quite the skills to help on the technical front, I will continue to provide ground support and spread the word. It has been such a treat to watch your project take life and get off on a running start, turning into something huge and amazing and full of passion.
Holding the line with you!
You've said you're looking for additional voice talents? I mean, I have no idea if I have talent enough for you but I still would like to try if possible. Is it and if it is what should I do as a try out?
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